There is no doubt that people in the Hudson Valley love animals. It seems like every day you see more and more stories about people and organizations that are out there helping animals in need.

Some organizations are non-profit others are local businesses that want to help. The animals you see being cared for and rescued range from dogs and cats to bears and eagles to goats and horses. One organization that I follow is Equine Rescue Resource Inc.  They are a 501(C)3 not-for-profit located in Pine Bush, New York that was founded to help horses in need.

Donkeys Rescued in Orange County New York

Equine Rescue Resource Inc via Facebook
Equine Rescue Resource Inc via Facebook

I first reported on the great work that this group does when I heard about an aged horse that they took in to help care for when his owner passed away. Then last year I had to share the story of Al Capony and his rescue from a farm in Pennsylvania. And not Equine Rescue Resource Inc is up to their good work again and this time it is for a family of donkeys.

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This past week Equine Rescue Resource Inc (ERRI) took in Cinnamon, Sugar, and Bruno three adorable Donkeys that had to be surrendered by the very nice man who owned them in Bloomingburg New York. According to Equine Rescue Resource Inc, they had all lived together for 10 years. Originally the man had adopted Cinnamon and Sugar and it was after the girls arrive that it was discovered Cinnamon was pregnant and along came Bruno.

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ERRI also mentioned that it was hard for the man to give them up but unfortunately a few twists of fate made it impossible to care for the three donkeys so he contacted ERRI to help. So for now they are settling in at the farm and seem to be happy. If you would like to help ERRI care for these donkeys or any of their other animals please contact them through Facebook or call (845) 744-1728.

Equine Rescue Resource Inc - Donkeys - Pedro via Facebook
Equine Rescue Resource Inc - Donkeys - Pedro via Facebook

Pedro Wasn't too sure about his new neighbors but he is getting used to having them around.

Donkey get Adopted By Pine Bush New York Equine Rescue


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