So you love and you have heard that there is the potential for them to bring one of their new headquarters to the New York area, but what about their newest box store? Their newest box store (a store where you can actually get some of the great things you see on the website, before you buy them) is open in New York City.

The store is called Amazon 4-Star. The 4-start meaning that it will only be selling its most popular products from the website that have received at least a four star rating from customers.

The store is located at 77 Spring St in Soho. When you go into the store you will see that there are two different prices on each item. Amazon Prime members will get the price that the item is listed for on the website, non-prime members will pay the 'full price' but will be given the option to purchase an Amazon Prime subscription there in the store.

Do you think that Amazon should bring one of these 4-Star stores to the Hudson Valley? If so, where should we put it? Orange Plaza? South Hills Mall Poughkeepsie? Route 9 somewhere? Let us know but commenting below.

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