After the whole Walmart baby sale fiasco last week - is it happening, what stores are participating, are the sales really that great? - Target has announced its own huge baby sale, and it's really happening, and happening right now.

If you are on top of your sale schedules, it should be no surprise to you that Target typically does a big baby sale twice a year. I have always done some major damage (and I mean that in a good way) during these big sales. Here's the inside scoop.

According to the website Motherly, the Target Big Baby Sale is going on now through March 2 (and when I checked the local stores I can confirm the sales are happening in the Hudson Valley). There are a bunch of different savings options to pick from, including

  • gift cards with qualifying purchases
  • nursery furniture sales
  • clothing sales

There are plenty of other sales too, and my advice, if you want to take it, is stock up while the sales are happening.  A wise friend once told me to size up on everything when you find a sale, diapers, clothing, shoes, and it was solid advice that I still live by today, hence, why I have shoes in my daughter's closet that should fit her by the time she's 15 or so...

Happy saving!

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