Have you been noticing more guys sporting beards these days? Turns out that the Hudson Valley could be anti-beard.

Wahl clippers and shavers took a survey of the 'Most Facial Hair Friendly' towns and not a single New York town made the Top 10 list. What went into the survey to find out which is the beard friendliest town in the US? Wahl researched everything from 'online beard chatter,' beard groups, sales of beard grooming items and actual questions.

Through the asking of these questions, they found out that 58 percent of US women prefer a man with facial hair as opposed to clean shaven guys. Ladies had even more to say about guys with facial hair: 65 percent find facial hair attractive and 57 percent say that men with facial hair appear to be more masculine to them than clean-shaven men (these statistics are from the Wahl press release).

Here is the list of the Top 10 Beard Friendlies Cities in the US, according to Wahl.

  • 1. Philadelphia
    2. Chicago
    3. Atlanta
    4. Washington, D.C.
    5. San Francisco
    6. Seattle
    7. Los Angeles
    8. Austin, Texas
    9. Portland, Ore.
    10. Denver
    11. Dallas
    12. New York City

Does anyone think it interesting that Brooklyn, NY is not in the top 10? Or that the Hudson Valley didn't even make the list?

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