Are plastic straws going to be a thing of the past? More and more businesses are doing away with plastic straws. Those that are not doing away with them are moving to a 'by request only' policy, where the server will give you a straw but only if you ask for them.

Businesses that have said "No" to straws:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • MGM Properties in Las Vegas
  • Starbucks is working to phase in 'sippy cup lids' on beverages that would normally call for a straw, you can ask for this when you order
  • Starting July 1, all businesses in Seattle will no longer be serving straws, and their ban also includes plastic stir sticks and plastic utensils

Why are these places doing away with plastic straws and people starting to have the 'straw free' conversation? It goes back to the amount of plastics that are being found in the oceans, in parks and in other public places, like the side of the road. One of the items that is most commonly found in these clean up areas is plastic straws. Will this help to make things cleaner? Well, it is a start.

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