Have you been noticing that your skin is breaking out more from wearing a face mask?

Everyone knows that you are required to wear a mask when in public and not social distancing. Going to the grocery store means wearing a mask. Pumping gas means wearing a mask. I'd also argue most workplaces will require you to wear a mask at some point. Because we're all wearing masks, the skin around our mouth and nose is being covered up more and not allowed to breathe. It's also housing our bacteria that would normally be released into the atmosphere right on our skin. My question is: have you noticed that you're getting mask-ne?

Mask-ne, a.k.a. mask acne, is a real thing. According to ABC 7 NY, the stress of COVID-19 pandemic combined with covering our faces has caused the skin around the nose and mouth to become a "bacterial breakout goldmine". New York City Dermatologist, Dr. Amy Spizouco told ABC 7 NY that the masks are causing poor airflow for the skin that the mask covers, causing pores to get clogged.

Dr. Spizouco told ANC 7 NY the most important thing to prevent this from happening is to keep the skin barrier intact. Allure says not having open wounds is a huge part of this. A good way to protect the barrier is to use a product meant for that, like diaper rash cream which has zinc. Allure also says to wash your face every day with a pH balancing product and to consider going makeup-free. Finally, moisturize!

I have noticed that I have definitely been breaking out more on my upper lip and sides of my lips. I just assumed it was my increased wine intake doing the trick.

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