There are but a few Christmas traditions that families hold dear to their hearts: reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to your children as they fall asleep, leaving out milk and cookies for Santa and his reindeer, going door-to-door singing carols with your family.

Oh, and also, getting totally hammered on the streets of New York City while dressed like Santa Claus.

Yep, SantaCon is back for 2017 and it's taking place this Saturday, December 9th. In case you don't know, it's basically a pub crawl where the only requirement is you have to be dressed like Santa (or some kind of Christmas-y Santa equivalent). It's an event that has only grown in popularity each year, with people from all over the state (and I'm betting more than a few from the Hudson Valley) heading to New York City to participate.

So my question is, are you going? Is the true meaning of Christmas found at the bottom of a glass? How much eggnog do you think these people go through in a day? And if you are going, stay safe. We've got Uber in the Hudson Valley now. Use it!