So if you had the unfortunate (or fortunate) luck of your parents naming you Bud Weisser, do you think that you would have a thick enough skin to survive the tormentous name calling?

Let's see if this guy can stand up to some name calling in prison. So Bud Weisser decided that he is going to take the tour at Anheuser Busch in St Louis, Missouri. For the record, he is 19 and you can pretty much be any age to go on the tour, but need to be 21 to participate in the free samples at the end of the tour.

Bud, decided that since he had such a special name, that he was allowed to go into areas not included on the free tour. Security was called to remove him, he continued to refuse.

Bud is now facing tresspassing charges. No word if he got to take his picture with a Clydesdale.