The Bannerman Island film series comes to a close this weekend with another classic movie. 1954's Creatures From The Black Lagoon will be screened in the Bannerman family residence, the first two movie nights on the island both sold out.

The event offers a round trip cruise to and from Bannerman Island departing from Beacon and a tour to go along with the movie. As of the publishing of this article there are tickets available for 6 and 6:45 but will most likely sell out soon.

The Bannerman family residence now serves as a welcome center on the island having just reopened to the public this summer. While movies will be wrapping up, tours of the island are offered through October, weather permitting.

Hopefully based on the initial success of Bannerman movie nights, they'll consider bringing them back in the summer of '18. What movies do you think they should show, our vote would be for a Goonies screening.