Despite its beauty, one town in New York has one of the worst credit ratings in the entire country.

Years ago I saw a new dating trend online where people would divulge their credit history and credit ratings to each other on the first date. When I was younger, I thought this was absolutely insane but now that I am a little older I totally get it. Not only do I understand it but I would even encourage it. If you're looking to start a serious relationship with someone and potentially buy a car or a home together you should know if there are going to be any potential roadblocks.

Bad credit haunts you for years and it is extremely difficult to build it up once.

WalletHub released a list of cities and towns in America with the best and worst median credit scores.

Highest Credit Score Regions in New York State

Pittsford was the highest score in New York with a median of 784.5.

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Google Maps

Which New York town has the worst median credit rating?

The New York town with the lowest rating is Bay Shore which is technically a Hamlet of Islip. They were in the bottom percentile with a median score of 547.5. Experian grades this score VERY POOR.

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Google Maps

When we hear about people with low credit scores we often judge them for poor financial decisions but they could just have the same large loans that many of us have. Here are some factors that could bring down their scores.

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Living on Long Island could be pretty expensive, especially in Bayshore, New York. A quick Zillow search showed that the average house in the town costs almost $500,000. The area is beautiful and some of the houses look stunning but owing the bank nearly half a million dollars would drastically decrease someone's line of credit.

If most of the residents are professionals who have a college degree those loans could negatively affect their credit scores as well.

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