What started out as a way to "support" the class of 2020 could end up being dangerous.

You've probably seen it on Facebook. Those who have graduated from high school are sharing their senior year portraits to show their support for those who won't have a graduation ceremony this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's also being argued that sharing those graduation pictures are just making it worse for high school seniors. However, it looks like those who have posted their high school throwback might be putting their information in harmful hands.

According to New10 in Albany, the Better Business Bureau is warning that scammers are paying close attention to your high school photos.

The BBB explains that your high school is a common answer to online security questions. They also say that taking Facebook quizzes can also make personal data easily accessible to scammers.

Even sharing recent trends like listing the make and model of the cars you had growing up and your favorite athletes can give scammers the answers they need to get to your accounts.

We encourage you to have fun on social media but continue to use caution.

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