If you've ever been to Newburgh Brewing Company, you know about their cat Hoodie.

This is some of the most heartbreaking news that has hit the Hudson Valley in a long time. It's with an incredibly heavy heart that I tell you the beloved cat at Newburgh Brewing Company, named Hoodie, has passed away. According to a post on their Facebook page, Hoodie passed peacefully in her sleep in September 2020. They have just now announced it, as I'm sure losing her was difficult.

Hoodie was the beloved brewery cat at Newburgh Brewing Company. She was even featured in an episode of VICE Munchies. She was photographed with tons of bands that WRRV Sessions brought into the brewery. Hoodie was even featured on Catster and dubbed Chief Mouser for Newburgh Brewing Company. She was even featured in the book "Distillery Cats". Hoodie is famous in the craft drink world.

If you don't know the story behind Hoodie, it's one of the cutest. Hoodie was discovered by Newburgh Brewing Company member Christopher found her curled up under the hood of his car, by the engine to keep warm. According to Facebook, Christopher scooped her right up and made her family. Hoodie is said to be one of the friendliest and most sociable cats ever.

To honor Hoodie, Newburgh Brewing Company is creating a beer in her name. It will be called For The Love of Hoodie IPA and is set to be released later in March. Their Facebook states that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated to Hoodie's two favorite charities: Newburgh SCATS and Precious Paws.

Rest in Peace, Hoodie.

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