Have you thought about switching to an all or mostly vegan diet, but thought that you had to give up ice-cream or thought that rice cream just wasn't tasty enough for you?

Ben & Jerry's has slowly been adding flavors to its Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert line for the last couple of years and now has two new vegan approved flavors. The flavors are, according to a press release:

Their #1 Flavor now in Vegan, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough--Vanilla with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough & fudge flakes

Chocolate Caramel Cluster--Chocolate with peanuts, fudge chunks & salted caramel swirls

What does it mean to be a vegan product? Vegan desserts specifically aren't necessarily harder to create, but they are harder to make taste like the non-vegan products. Ben & Jerry's has been doing this well and now has, with the two above selections, 11 non-dairy products that are vegan approved.

What is different about a vegan dessert? Here is how Animal Free Croatia describes it:

Vegan desserts do not contain milk nor dairy products (yogurt, butter, cream, cheese, milk permeate, milk chocolate…), eggs, honey and animal gelatin

Will you notice a difference in the regular Ben & Jerry's as opposed to the non-dairy versions? Try them side by side for yourself.


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