Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Albany has a lot of amazing experiences to offer tourists. One of the most popular comedians did not seem too impressed during one of his visits.

Burt Kreischer quickly became a huge success in stand-up comedy. One of his mosy popular bits about a trip to Russia even became the plot of film. Stand-up comics are known for two things. Their extensive travelling and their often brutal honesty. In an old video of Hot Ones Kreischer competed again fellow comedian Tom Segura in a game called 'Truth or Dab' where contestants are asked a compromising question. If they refuse to answer then they have to eat a spicy chicken wing.

Kreischer went first and was asked what city was the biggest dump on his last tour.

The Machine quickly called the Capital of New York dump.

You could argue that Kreischer may have been referring to Albany, Georgia. However, the Body Shots tour the host was asking about did not make a stop in Albany, Georgia. There was a performance in Albany, New York.

I wonder if Bert's opinion Albany has changed since this video which is 4 years old. It is possible that he was making a joke as comedians are known to do. He must love our Capital as he is set to return and perform at the MVP Arena on December 10.

The video is below and it should already be cued up to play when Kreischer is asked the question at 2 minutes into the game.

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