Here's your chance to look and feel like a celebrity.

I'm a sucker for the celebrity world and for all things related to celebrity gossip. I'm hoping in my next life I can come back as a famous person and really see how they live. Until that happens I try to meet as many celebrities as I can and try to look and dress just like them LOL.

Singer Billy Joel has a stunning daughter named Alexa Ray Joel who shares a passion for music just like her father. Her mother is mega supermodel Christie Brinkley so she has some pretty good genetic lotto when it comes to glamour. Alexa has been focused on her music career, growing her empire and she also appeared on an episode of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'.

I follow her on Instagram and she always look STUNNING, I mean always. There were a couple of pictures she posted where she has the beautiful shade of red lipstick on and I was dyeing to find out what brand it is. For those who know, it's very hard to get a good red lipstick and it's something I have been working on figuring out for years. So I figured, why not reach out to her ask what shade and brand it is? Well, I couldn't help myself and I did...I got a pretty cool answer too.

What beauty secrets did Alexa Ray Joel share with the Hudson Valley?

She actually wrote back (woooo hoooo).


Oh yeah, the answer is right there for us all to see. Before anyone hates and says it's not really her, the account she used is verified SO IT IS REALLY ALEXA RAY JOEL. Alexa credited her makeup artist for the look and her makeup artist explained exactly what they use to get that perfect look.

The font is a little tiny so I'll break it down for you.

According to Alexa Ray Joel's makeup artist Caitlin, they use a base of Russian Red by MAC Cosmetics with Jungle Red Lip Liner from NARS Cosmetics. There's also a pop of vintage orange in the center of the lip using Geraldine by NARS. She also mentioned that Red Square and Casablanca by NARS is a great alternative if you can't find the list products above.

So now I know what I need to get this weekend...

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Thank you Alexa Ray Joel for sharing your beauty tips with us. If anyone also tries out the products she suggested let me know on the station app: 

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