Well there it went, just another crazy day for people to shop and save some cash. Hopefully those of you who did go out got some great deals and didn't get into any fights. As it turns out, one of the favorite places to start a fight was in the Walmarts across the country. So much so #WalmartFights exists. I did hear of one or two fights in Toys R Us, though. Toys R Us, where children are supposed to be happy. If I were a kid would I really want there to be blood shed so someone could get me that last toy? Who knows...maybe... No, I'm kidding. Really, that's messed up. I wouldn't want that.

Sale Blood Splat Sign
Source: Dan Dennison/Getty Images




Why does this sale sign for Black Friday look like blood splatter? Come on now.





To keep in the mood, check out this video of a Black Friday Fight, or maybe Thanksgiving Fight now that many places were open that early. Did you see anything crazy this year?