Is he a brazen or a blazin' thief? Maybe both?

A man stole from a store and used a blowtorch to get to the locked items. Should we call him the Pyro pilferer? This thief's method is something right out of a comic book. He's lucky he didn't set the entire store on fire. The entire incident was caught on camera and it really shows just how crafty thieves are and just how little employees can do to prevent it.

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It appears that retail theft and petit larceny have been on the rise all across the country for several years now. I believe I recently witnessed a theft at a local grocery store.

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Major cities like New York are having a difficult time cracking down on offenders.

A thief stole locked items by using a blowtorch in broad daylight.

A video of a thief hitting locks with a blowtorch and getting stealing products has gone viral. The video has gotten over 10 million views in TikTok in about a week.

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  Here are some details that were shared about the crime.

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