Talk about showing up in style to prom.

If you remember going to the prom when you were younger or have kids that are currently preparing or have recently attended their school prom you already know that there are a ton of things that go into the whole process.


Getting Ready for Prom

After you decide that you are going to attend the prom you have to pick out and buy or rent your outfit for the night. For most guys it's easy, go to the local tuxedo shop and rent your tux for the night. For girls its a bit more involved, first, they have to find a dress they like ($$$), and once they do they have to get it tailored to fit right. Then it's finding the right shoes, getting their nails and makeup done and of course, their hair has to be perfect.

All of that preparation is necessary for them to have an unforgettable night...LOL!

Best Way to Arrive at the Prom?

The other thing that attendees have to figure out before the prom is how they plan to arrive at the big show!! Some kids choose to either drive themselves or have mom or dad drop them off and others choose to go all out and rent a limousine. Having a limo for the night is expensive but is one way to arrive at the prom that will have everyone talking...LOL! A limo has to be the "flashiest" way to arrive, right? Is there another way to arrive at the prom that would have every talking?

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Couple Arrive at Prom in a Plane

I would think most of us would agree that flying a private plane to the prom is just a little more flashy than a limo...LOL, but did someone really do it? Yes!! According to News 10, Logan Murphy and his date Erin Barrow arrived at the Christain Brothers Academy prom with Logan piloting a plane. Christain Brothers Academy is a private school located at 12 Airline Drive in Albany, NY and for Logan, who got his private pilot's license during his junior year of high school, it was a dream for him to fly to prom.

The couple started their prom flight from the Saratoga County Airport and flew into The Hangar at 743. Murphy’s girlfriend Erin was more than excited to take a plane to prom

"It’s pretty awesome. I think it’s like really cool that we have the opportunity, and he wants to share his passions with me".

Once they landed Murphy and Barrow spent prom hanging out with their friends.


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