A series of arrests were made after police discovered more than 30 New Jersey residents throwing a post prom party at a Hudson Valley residence. Hudson Valley One reports police were responding to a noise complaint from a neighbor just after 8 P.M. when they discovered the party at the rented home.

The Town of Saugerties Court will have an influx of New Jersey residents over the coming months when the 34 charged show up to answer their underage drinking charges. Those arrested were all between the ages of 17-19. The students were all from Wallington, New Jersey.

What did you do after the prom? I'm assuming you didn't rent a house with your friends and get arrested. Well, let's hope not anyway. We didn't do a whole lot right after the prom, but we did all get up and take a ride to the beach the next day.

Let's hope your prom goes better this year than these poor folks.