Prom Dresses For The Taking

The Free Prom Dress Giveaway is currently in full swing at Royal Dry Cleaners in New Paltz, as the dress options for community members to pick from continues to grow.

Royal Dry Cleaners
Royal Dry Cleaners
According to Donna Murray, who is coordinating the free dress initiative, they have been so pleased with the donations they have received, and the program itself has been a great success to date.
As prom draws closer, it's important to know that they continue to get new dresses in, so if you had stopped by but didn't find the perfect one, it may be worth another visit to check out the new inventory of dresses.

Royal Dry Cleaners Free Prom Dress Giveaway

Believe it or not, we are right in the heart of prom season here in the Hudson Valley.  High school students across the area are crossing items off their to-do list...
  • whose house will we get ready at
  • limo vs. party bus
  • where are we hanging out post-prom
  • boutonnières and corsage color coordination
  • tuxes, dresses, and accessories

For some of us, thinking back to prom memories might put a strain on the brain, but one thing that I still remember pretty vividly to this day is the stress of picking out the perfect dress for prom.

Well, a business in Ulster County is stepping up in a big way to give back to prom-goers with their 'Give and Take' program.

Donate A Dress or Accessories

Royal Dry Cleaners, located in the New Paltz Plaza on Rt. 299, has rolled out a prom dress 'Give and Take' initiative to benefit those within the community who plan on attending a junior or senior prom.  They are asking local residents who have lightly used prom or cocktail dresses, or gowns (along with accessories and shoes) they no longer need, to donate them to the shop who will then clean and press the items free of charge.

Pick Out A Dress or Accessories

They then invite those who are planning to attend a prom to come in and look for a dress, free of charge.  If the dress needs a bit of altering, Royal Dry Cleaners will have their tailor take care of that, also at no charge.
It’s our way of saying, it takes a village.
Residents are able to come in to drop off or take a look at dresses in the 'prom shop' Monday through Saturday between 11 AM and 5 PM, beginning Monday, March 14th and going right up until prom, or until they run out of dresses.

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