Over the weekend, I was given a cute little box with this little wooden thing in it. It is small, kinda cute -- adorable even. Then I was told I had to figure out what it was. I guessed and guessed and guessed. Each time, the giver of the gift would shake their head and tell me, 'Nope, that's not it.'

So, I figured that I would bring it to work to see if my awesomely intelligent co-workers would be able to help me figure it out.

Here is what happened when I started asking people here at the WRRV Studios, behind the scenes:

What do you think it is? Do you have an idea? You can email Brandi at brandi@wrrv.com or text what you think it is to 845-451-WRRV (9778). If by chance you know what it is and can send me a photo of it in 'action' please do so!