Every week Brandi continues to search for the perfect man, is this guy the one for her?

We go to South Carolina and find a man who could be perceived as super generous after he purchased more than 120 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Here is a case of a man thinking he is doing something generous and in a way it backfires. The gentleman in question is 46 year old Detric Lee McGowan, he thought he was doing a good deed when he came upon a troop of Girl Scouts who were selling cookies outdoors in cold weather.

McGowan bought the cookies ($540 worth) so that the troop members could cease sales for the day and the troop members could get inside and get warm. The troop members were so thrilled that they took a photo with him. That photo then got posted online with a thank you. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) saw the photo and were then able to arrest McGown and charge him with conspiracy to distribute fentanyl and cocaine. McGown had been wanted in connection with a case from 2018.

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