My future husband this week wants me to know that he will go to great lengths to do anything for me. He also knows how much I rely on my cellphone. So when I found this guy in Washington DC who was willing to go to great lengths to rescue his own cellphone. He accidentally dropped his own phone down a building's trash chute, so he went after it and had to be rescued.

This guy is even patient enough to find the phone in a very smelly trash chute and call 911 at 3am on a Sunday. If Brandi can't see that as dedication for her potential love? Yes, he desperately needed a shower after getting out of the trash. Thankfully the firefighter rescue crews were able to get him out of this stinky situation using a harness. He was not hurt and released.

Has anyone ever gone out of their way to save something for you? Will this be the one for Brandi or will there be a new Brandi's Future Husband next week?