This week my future husband brings us to Paris, the Eifel Tower. How romantic!

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My sweetheart is a South African performance artist named Stephen Cohen, wanted to celebrate his visit to Paris, by dancing at the Eifel Tower in the tourist filled Trocadero Plaze who in a bit on an impromptu open-air show last September.

He started his performance to the amazement of tourists, including a group of nuns, but he was only able to perform for a few brief moments, before police stepped in arrested Stephen and they dragged him across the plaza.

The police weren't too upset with him performing there, it was the fact that he was dressed in a corset, high heels, long red gloves and an elaborate feathered headdress with a rooster attached to his penis by a ribbon. The rooster, named Franck, was not harmed during the performance. Stephen says he chose a rooster because it's the emblem of France.