This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband takes us up in the air as we travel from Ireland to Spain. The guy who caught Brand's eye was traveling to a bachelor party in Ibiza. It was on this flight that he also caught the eye of the flight attendants, because not only was he traveling with an inflatable piece of carry on baggage, a blow up doll, he had also started the party a bit early.

He started the party so early that he was half in the bag when the flight took off and continued to be rowdy while enroute to Spain, so much so that the airline staff decided to make an emergency landing to get this guy and his blow up doll off the plane.

The flight was able to continue on, of course what was supposed to have taken three hours took around six.

Is this high flying party guy the one for Brandi or should she keep looking? If you have information on a potential Brandi's Future Husband, email

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