Brandi's Future Husband is back after a short hiatus. This time, we head to Ohio, where Brandi has met her match at a Steak n Shake restaurant. Everyone who listens to the Morning Grind on WRRV should know that food is very close to Brandi's heart.

Her sweetheart this time around, was not satisfied with his sandwich, so he went back into the restaurant to voice his opinion. The issue? The egg on his sandwich was not to his liking. Apparently it was a bit too runny for him and looked like spit (his words).

Unfortunately, this guy wasn't as polite as he could have been to try and get the excellent customer service that he was requiring. He may have told the person working behind the counter that he had a gun and was going to take matters into his own hands should his sandwich not be remade the way he wanted it to be.

Will this work out for Brandi? Will she be able to dine with this guy again soon, after he is released from prison? Or will she be able to find another Future Husband candidate next week? Tune in Thursday morning 8:50am to find out.