I never would have thought about this. I'm sure glad the students of the University of Albany did. Maybe there is hope for future generations after all.

Just when you think the younger generation is doomed they will do something occasionally that will impress the hell out of you. Something like find ways to save us money and make us a little healthier.

Packaged Salad Is The Second Fastest Selling Item On Grocery Shelves
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

According to Live Science, a group of students from Albany discovered that the strange habit of grocery shopping online can save shoppers a lot of money. Not only can you save some dough, you can also avoid some other kinds of dough as well and yes I'm referring to cookie dough.

You may think that online grocery shopping is weird and just out right lazy. Don't get me wrong it's a little bit of both but it does have it's benefits. Studies from the University of Albany show that shoppers save money by only purchasing the essentials when buying things online. By not going to the store you can avoid so many distractions and impulse buys like candy, condiments, fidget spinners and any other "as seen on TV" items.

In turn this encourages people to activate their will power and not buy things like ice cream and other desserts. You are more inclined to stick to your diet when you are staring at the Oreo aisle.

If you aren't on board with online grocery shopping you can still take advantage of the benefits in a similar fashion by using a local store's delivery or "to go" services.