Who wants to actually taste the food or drinks they order at the bar?

There's something great about living in New York and getting to experience all of the trendy new things before anyone else. As someone who comes from the Midwest, it's cool to be at the front of the line for once.

Of course, the downside of trying out new trends is that they're not always understood at first. There's a weird one that originated in New York City recently where bartenders are mixing drinks with something called a Sichuan button or a "buzz button" if you're cool and trendy.

Credit: Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Buzz-Buttons-Flowers-50-Count/dp/B003UWU9KQ

According to The New York Post, a bartender at a Harlem bar called BSquared has created that Sesame Street cocktail that contains the flowers. People who have tried the drink say that the flower feels like pop rocks start to go off initially and then you mouth goes numb for up to 10 minutes.

TGI Fridays has since jumped on the bandwagon and now offer the button inside a blackberry margarita.

You'd better grab one of these drinks while it's still cool. What kills trends faster than a mainstream restaurant hopping on board.

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