Do you have fond memories of a certain place here in Hudson Valley that may not be around anymore? Would you like it make a comeback?

Driving through Pleasant Valley the other day I noticed a Pizza Hut in town. I got excited since I love Pizza Hut.

Nick Kessler
Nick Kessler

Sadly, when I pulled in I made the sad discovery that it was closed and is being transformed into an urgent care center. I know that urgent care is important, but who doesn't love an endless pizza and bread stick buffet?

Here's the list of places you told us you'd like to make a triumphant return to the Hudson Valley.

"Old Country Buffet!!!!"

"I absolutely wish Ponderosa Still around. Growing up I absolutely thought that was the best buffet around. I could not get enough of their chicken wings."


"I wanna see Joe's Italian deli make a comeback. It was the best Italian deli around. Or James Way and the Dutchess Mall."

Clearly everyone is pretty passionate about buffets. What would you like to see make a comeback?

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