It's like the KFC bowls of cakes.

If you are on an all salad diet I guess this would have to count, right?

I have had a pretty out-of-control sweet tooth for as long as I can remember. The Hudson Valley has a lot of bakeries and many of them have similar items on their menu. Most have the classics like cookies, cupcakes, cakes and cannoli.

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Best Bakery Treats in the Hudson Valley

One of the Hudson Valley's best bakeries is intriguing people with a crazy Frankenstein cake creation. I call it a "cakenstein" but the artists at The Cakery call it a cake salad. It's basically all of the best parts of the cake piled together in a massive pan. I would say it doesn't have to be fancy but they still do an amazing job at making them look great to match their deliciousness.

Instagram: thecakeryfishkill
Instagram: thecakeryfishkill

Here is The Cakery's description of the newest dessert sensation to hit the Hudson Valley:

We use cake for the lettuce. Then we add different fillings for your carrots, cucumbers or whatever your other favorite salad veggies are. Then some buttercream... the dressing. And top it off with some toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, Graham cracker pieces… those are like the croutons.


I took home the chocolate lovers one last week. chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream and chocolate chips.

The volume is about the same as one of our 4” cakes and totals a little over 2.0lbs when finished.


Also keep your eyes peeled for our rotating menu of fun and seasonal flavor combinations


The Cakery is located on Main Street in Fishkill, New York. If you want one now you will have to hurry because they are on break from 8/27-9/5.

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