Comedian, Justin Silver will be performing this weekend right here in Poughkeepsie. While we had him we thought we would find out how much he knows about new alternative bands.

He's a comedian, TV host and best selling author but does he know his band names?

Justin will be opening for the hilarious Dan Soder at Laugh It Up Comedy Club this Saturday, May 26.

It's become a traditional game that we play with comedians before they make their trip to the Hudson Vallley.

Though we never really had a name for it, Justin liked 'The Band Name Game'. It's simple and pretty self explanatory but if you haven't seen the game before here is how it works.

I name a few bands that have interesting names. Some are real and some are fake. The contestant has to guess which bands are not real. Sounds easy, right? See if you can play along. It may be harder than it seems. Good Luck.


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