Can being friends with your co-workers on social media cause issue? 

When you post anything on social a media is it really private? Of course it isn't but do we really need people at the office knowing all of our personal information?

You develop friendships at work but is there a line where we need our privacy? Have you ever denied a co-workers friend request? How about one from your manager? You've got to admit there's something a bit strange about your co-workers adding you and going straight to look at your swimsuit pictures.

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Can divide the line? Do you adjust your privacy settings?

"I don't like any of my co-workers enough to share my out of work life with them." - John


"It's creepy when a coworker sends a friend request when you rarely speak to each other at work." - David


"Let's be honest. Facebook isn't really private. Anyone can screenshot anything. Rule of thumb, don't post anything you wouldn't want your Grandma to see." - Elaine


"You have some friends that you're really close with and you pretty much share everything with them but they would know it anyway. There are other coworkers you just share funny stuff with." - Maureen