Scientists claim they have found the funniest words in the English language but I'm not impressed. I decided to make my own list. Try hearing these words without laughing at one of them. I dare you.

According to an article from Gizmodo, scientists have identified words that just make us laugh.

Making their list were words like booty, nitwit, bebop, twerp and hooter. Don't get me wrong. Those are all pretty funny but I feel like there are much funnier words. Here are some of my favorite words with their definition provided by Mirriam Webster's website.

Bumfuzzle - To confuse or perplex

Cattywampus - Askew or awry

Taradidle - Pretentious nonsense

Snickernsee - To engage in fighting with knives

Widdershins -  Counterclockwise

I'm dying of laughter just reading these words but are they really that funny? Does it depend on your maturity, age or whether your a guy or a woman?

Check out this video and see if you can hear these words.