A Hudson Valley dessert hot spot is in shambles after an accident over the weekend.

Mary Jane's Dairy Bar is a staple for those looking for a sweet treat in the warmer months. Around the end of October, every year Mary Jane's closes shop for the colder months with plans to open in early spring.

However, this year's opening may be delayed after a car drove through the Newburgh New York ice cream bar over the weekend.

Mary Jane's Dairy Bar Gets Hit By Car

The Middle Hope Fire Department wrote on Facebook on Sunday, February 12th:

Unfortunately our beloved Mary Jane's Dairy Bar had a car drive through it yesterday. We are grateful it is the time of year it was closed or it could have been catastrophic! We are wishing you a quick and speedy repair as you are our "sweetest" neighbor

They added the following photos:

As stated by the fire department, thankfully due to the off-season there was no one in the building at the time of the crash.

What Caused the Accident at Mary Jane's Dairy Bar in Newburgh?

Many community members were curious as to what happened to cause the vehicle to veer off 9W and into the Mary Janes. The Middle Hope Fire Department responded to one Facebook comment writing:

 it remains under investigation at this time.

Other community members allege that the vehicle was seen swerving before leaving the road and heading into the ice cream bar. One alleged eyewitness wrote "I was driving behind him. He was swerving towards the right side of the road for a bit then lost it onto the sidewalk and took out a bunch of mailboxes."

The Middle Hope Fire Department reiterates that it is an "ongoing investigation."

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As of Monday, February 13th, 2023, Mary Jane's has not publically made a comment or shared any additional information about opening day 2023. We'll update this story when more information is made available.

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