In addition to today being National Muffin Day, did you also know that we are supposed to celebrate our pets today, February 20th?!

I found out through instagram today, where my feed what flooded with photos of adorable dogs, cats, fish, birds and reptiles - I also saw a pot belly pig, a donkey and a few other assorted farm animals too, funny to think what kind of 'pets' the people you follow on social media have.

Check out the #nationalloveyourpetday or #loveyourpetday hashtags to follow along with all the posts, and not only will you see photos, but lots of interesting, well, pet names, people have for their animals.

Some of my favorites as I scrolled through photos:

  • #puppuccino
  • #meatball
  • #rubydoo
  • #peachiepie

So, with all that in mind, have you celebrated National Love Your Pet Day, and if so, how?

I also want to know, do you have a cute nickname, or pet name, for your pet?  I have a cat named Melky (yes after the baseball player) and we call her #melkydoodle or #melkythecat (yes we hashtag her photos), and my daughter has a fish named Olaf, that we now call Olie-Cannoli....yup, parenting.