Is Central Hudson your energy provider? There are a few ways that you might not know about that could get you some of your money back from them.

You are probably thinking,  "What? How is this possible?" Here is what I found out, that Central Hudson really wants to give you some money back. So much so that they have their own website dedicated to it.

For instance, if you have a refrigerator that you have, say in your basement or in the garage, that you really don't need anymore, Central Hudson will come to your house, pick it up and then mail you $50. Seriously! You do need to show or prove when they come to pick it up that it is still in working condition, but if you are not really needing it and want to get it out of the house, this could work for you.

I bought an energy efficient hot water heater (when mine stopped working) and I was really happy to get a size-able rebate and since it was energy efficient I also saw a little savings in my Central Hudson bill each month.

Also on the list of things you can get a rebate for from them include certain types of air conditioners and whole house heaters.

Check out for yourself what might be eligible for a rebate,