Remember the good old days when the biggest argument on the internet was about a dress? Some see a purple dress while others see a blue dress? What do you see?

Wait, what year is it? Did I step into a time machine. I wonder because the last time we debated about a dress this much on social media Joe Biden was actually in office. Can you believe it's almost been 6 years since we debated on whether that famous dress on the rack was black or blue?

No matter what side of the political spectrum you're on you've got to admit that it's pretty cool that we now have a female vice president. Even if you didn't vote for Kamala Harris she has made history and broke a barrier for women all over the country.

Though people are talking about Harris' monumental achievement they are also talking about the stunning dress she wore to the event.

The 2021 Presidential Inauguration has sparked some serious non political debate.

Kamala Harris wore a purple dress and matching coat designed by both Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson according to The Guardian. The dress is supposed to be purple to honor women's suffrage and purple also symbolically combines both red (Republicans) and blue (Democrats).

The dress looks amazing but there's just one problem. The dress isn't purple. It's blue or am I going blind?



Am I crazy or is it the lighting? I honestly see a blue dress and I know I'm not alone as several others report seeing blue as well.

What color do you see?

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