It's a sight for sore eyes. For the first time in months, gas prices have once again dipped below $4 per-gallon... at least at one gas station in the Hudson Valley.

Gas Prices in the Hudson Valley, NY

It's no secret that gas prices have been a sore subject for some time now. It's even inspired some people to convert their vehicles to use E85 fuel to save tens of dollars on each fill-up (learn more about that here). But while some stations in Ulster County are still in the mid-$4 range (I'm looking at you, New Paltz), there's at least one convenience store brave enough to dip their prices back down to pre-summer numbers.

Remember back in 2020 when gas was in the $2 range?? (Google)
Remember back in 2020 when gas was in the $2 range?? (Google)

Cheap Gas in Accord, NY

I almost crashed my car when I did a double-take driving down Route 209 in my hometown of Accord, NY in Ulster County. My very own childhood gas station, the one I used to ride my bike to when I needed my candy fix, was leading the pack in low gas prices. As of today, August 5th 2022, regular gas is $3.97 per-gallon at the Kwik Mart Sonoco in Accord. If you need an address, it's this one. But is this really the only station in the area to dip this low?

Just eight months ago, gas was $3.33 per-gallon in Marlboro (Google)
Just eight months ago, gas was $3.33 per-gallon in Marlboro (Google)

Lowest Gas Prices in New York

According to, while the Accord, NY Sonoco may be the cheapest in the area, it's not the cheapest in the state. You can find a more detailed map of where to find cheaper gas outside of the Hudson Valley here, and it may be worthwhile, because the current low price for gas in the entire state of New York is currently $3.80 per-gallon. It's not the $0.99 per-gallon of the early 2000s, but hey, we'll take it.

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