Yee haw, everyone and Happy Valentine's Day! If you're looking for a special someone today maybe you can try Farmers Only. See if it will work for Brandi.

As a special Valentine's Day gift for Brandi I decided to get her something a little extra special. She's always looking for a future husband. Maybe she wasn't looking in the right place. Figured I would make a profile for her on

Farmers Only
Farmers Only

Check out what I wrote. Do you think it will get some matches?

Hi, Ya'll. I'm Brandeen Hunter!


What can I say? My love life right now is kind of complicated. One could even say it's plain corn-fusing!

When I first started out on farmers it was because I was looking for some serious pitch forking. but now I'm looking for more... I'm looking for someone I can really be at-tractor-ed too.


This may sound corny but I'm looking for someone who always a-maizes me every time i look in their eyes.

But enough about me Lettuce talk about all of the things I'd do for you.


I'd tractor around the Hudson Valley just to see you.


  • I can clean a chicken coop.
  • Milk cows.
  • I even know my way around a plow if you know what I mean he he he.

Let's cuddle up together and watch re-runs of Hee Haw, Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres

You may recognize me but it's not from the radio station. It's because I'm the girl of you dreams... maybe you can call it...  DEJA-MOO!!

How was it? Think it will work?