Do you play chess? Or maybe you are looking for a new partner or for someone to help sharpen your skills? During this time of social distancing, you could even play a game with someone online, in the ultimate social distancing protocols.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash
Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

When walking around the radio station, I asked a few people if they played, all but one said no. The one person who said yes, said no to me when I asked them if they would have time to play a round or two with me to see how rusty I was. I would like to think that the believe me to be a far superior chess player, but skiing and chess are two things that I think I am way better at than I actually am. Of course, how do you get better in both disciplines? Practice, practice, practice.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash
Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Good for me I found a few places in the area that are welcoming new faces (especially good for me, they welcome people at all levels!) here in the Hudson Valley. Since March of 2020, some of these clubs or organizations are running things a bit differently. If you are interested (like myself) in brushing up on your skills, reach out directly to each one.

Do you play chess? How often do you get to play? Have you ever entered a tournament?

Another suggestion, check with your local library, they might run an information session where you can chat with other chess players, or even have a class on how to master the games basics.

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