The actor was seen at the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs annual conference and fire expo in Syracuse.

'Chicago Fire' was one of the best shows that's been created in a long time. It was a fictional show about a fire house in Chicago and each firefighter was unique in their own way and had their own crazy story. You couldn't help but fall in love with each one of them and it was a show that kept you on the edge of your seat.

Lt. Christopher Herrmann (who was played by David Eigenberg was always one of the stand out characters. He was a family guy, ran right into danger, he always had some funny plan up his sleeve and almost served as the firehouse Dad to all the other firefighters in the house. He was lovable and the kind of guy you'd hope your best friend would end up with.

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Before his success on 'Chicago Fire' David Eigenberg also has a break out role on another AMAZING series, 'Sex and the City', which pretty much started a revolution for young women everywhere. He played Steve Brady who was another lovable guy and we all were always hoping that him and (main character) Miranda would end up together and live happily after ever. He's also been a regular on the SATC spinoff series 'And Just Like That' and he is still that great guy we know and love.

So this is pretty cool, he was recently spotted at a conference that is very in sync with one of the famous characters he plays.

What popular actor was recently spotted in Syracuse, New York?

David Eigenberg was...woooo hoooo and this is very fitting. He was recently spotted at a fire expo at the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs annual conference. He was photographed with Selkirk FD Assistant Chief Holmes and it looks like they were having a great time.

Selkirk Fire Department Facebook/Canva
Selkirk Fire Department Facebook/Canva

I'm very jealous by the way. It's great to see David Eigenberg supporting firefighters and it looks like he took his role very seriously. Not only is a great guy, but he is an amazing actor and we hope for his continued success in Hollywood.

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