The "Wheels of Justice" Program helps benefit Columbia County in many ways.

Sometimes we take things for granted in life, like being able to own a bicycle that allows you to travel and get to other destinations easily. The "Wheels of Justice" program help teach incarcerated individuals all about the importance of bicycle maintenance which also includes important skills like learning how to  change tires, breaks, chains and more. It allows incarcerated individuals to learn a new skill that they can use upon their release.

Great idea. Recently, the Columbia County Sheriff's Office put up an awesome post that makes everyone feel great when they see it.

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What awesome charitable act recently happened in Columbia County, New York?

According to the post, five bicycles that were recently refurbished by the "Wheels of Justice" Program at the Columbia County Jail were donated. They weren't just donated to anyone in the area, the bicycles were donated locally to teenage girls at the Kinderhof Group Home of Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth. Everyone wins in this situation and the giving just keeps on happening.

How can you help the "Wheels of Justice" Program in Columbia County?

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office is looking for additional donations of used bicycles that require minimal repairs. The donation will provide help an incarcerated individual and help provide them with a new start.  If you are interested in helping, you can get in touch with the office at 518-828-3344.

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The "Wheels of Justice" Program is a great way to help and we are happy to hear there are programs like this right here in the Hudson Valley.

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