All my life I have had dogs in the family. There was Freddie the large German Shepard, Augie Dog the terrier mutt, Cinders the Cockapoo and those are just the three dogs I grew up with there were others. Incase your wondering we never had cats around the house it was because my Mom hated litter boxes and a few of us had allergies, I was one of them. So my only interaction with cats growing up was at the barn where I rode or at a friends house.

I was always interested in cats. They seem to have such awesomely aloof personality. They don't need people, they choose people. Growing up a few of my friends had cats and I found it wild how different they could be from dogs. This is one of the reasons I believe there is such a thing as cat people and dog people.  If I wasn't allergic to cats I thinking I would wanted to be both.

Why do I suspect I might be a cat lover at heart? Simple because I stumbled across a post today for a cat café in Beacon and I actually wanted to check it out. If you haven't heard of such a place they are pretty cool. They actually have the cafes with dogs too but I don't know of one in the Hudson Valley.

So what is a cat café? Well in the case of Beans Cat Café in Beacon it is a coffee shop that also has a cat parlor where you can interact with cats who are up for adoption. There is a fee to hang out with the cats which helps pay their room and board while they are waiting to find a home. The next time your in Beacon and need a cup of coffee if you are a cat person you need to check it out and maybe bring along a dog person friend.

Beans Cat Café is in Beacon at 325 Main Street. They serve coffee, hot chocolate, signature drinks and pastries. You can call 845-440-8243 to find out more.




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