Is there anything better than studying to the sound of your fellow classmate's misery?

College is a pretty crazy time for a lot of young students. Some have it worse than others. Have you ever been so stressed out that you just needed a good cry? If so, there may be a good option coming to your school

With several colleges located here in the Hudson Valley lsuch us Marist, Suny New Paltz Vassar, Dutchess Community College, Mount St. Mary, it's safe to say we have our fair share of college students in the area.

If things get too crazy for them it's quite possible that they can take a page out of the University of Utah's book. A designated cry closet has been built in their library. Students are free to lock themselves inside, grab a stuffed animal and cry it out.

Schools should not have cry spaces. These are supposed to be the best years for a student. We all know that a cry closet belongs at work.

My concern is that they've only limited it to 10 minutes. I've got 29 years worth of pain and suffering to cry out.

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