It's good to know that comedy is alive and well here in the Hudson Valley. If you're looking for a night out be sure to check out funny man, Ray Ellin this weekend in Poughkeepsie.

Ray Ellin is a busy guy to say the least. He's a stand up comedian, writer, actor and game show host. Thankfullly, Ray Ellin has made the time to come back to Poughkeepsie after 12 years. That's tight he remembers playing at the Marist campus years ago but more vividly he remembers the awesome food he had at the Culinary Institute of America afterward.

Ray tours with the live version of The Gong Show and has a show that will be premiering on Comedy Central in just weeks called This Friday at The Cellar. Ray, who is very in tune with the New York comedy scene says that several comedians rave about performing at Laugh It Up Comedy Club in Poughkeepsie.

Ray Ellin is just one of several comedians performing this weekend at Laugh It Up. Chuck Nice, Missy Allan and Dan McRitchie.