A SUPER cool event is coming to Fishkill this weekend.

If there's one thing that comic book lovers enjoy it's getting together with other comic book fans and talking about their collection or favorite characters. Comic book and pop culture enthusiasts will get a chance to do that in Fishkill on Saturday.

Why would anyone want to collect comic books? Aren't comic books for kids?

Absolutely not! Yes, kids can enjoy comics but some of these books are worth a lot of money. If you have some important issues lying around they could be worth big bucks. If you purchase the right book to could be a massive investment.

When people think of comic books, they most likely think of some old books that are stashed away in their dad's closet collecting dust. Many argue that comic books just aren't as good as they once were but the numbers and trends show a different story. According to Fortune Business Insight, two years ago, the market size for new comic books was about $8.5 billion. It rose to over $9.2 billion a year later. The market size is only growing.

They even have a huge cultural significance. People love collecting them for several reasons. I love investing in comics but I also love the feeling of nostalgia that they bring.

Big Apple Comic Book Art and Toy Show
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This Saturday, Nov 19th from 11am to 8pm is the Independent Artists and Comic book Convention at the Fishkill Recreation Center. There are details and ticket information here.

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There will be independent artists there covering comic book commissioning. There will also be local comic book vendors along with toys, memorabilia and art for sale as well.

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