To me, the obvious and clear answer to the question in the title of this story is no, there's absolutely no limit to the number of times you see a band live, but it seems like we need to dig a bit deeper into this.

In passing the other day, a friend of mine mentioned the fact that they recently got to see Imagine Dragons for the 6th time recently.  That then triggered a conversation that has continued over the past few days with different people about going to concerts, seeing the same band over and over again, and even sparked a small debate with someone who shall remain nameless about how seeing someone more than once, especially on the same tour, is a 'waste of money.' Insane, right?

What Bands Our Listeners Have Seen Multiple Times

Like any true professionals, we took our research to the good people of social media, to chime in about artists and bands they've seen the most over the years.  In the first few hours of the posts going up, we heard from a bunch of listeners about who they've been lucky enough to see live, and how many times.

Here's some of the results from Facebook:

  • Meagen: Chevelle 24 times. Followed by Melissa Etheridge 22 times.
  • Constance: Clapton 10X, Black Crowes 6X, Steve Miller many others...
  • Matt: Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers least 35 times in the last 13 years.
  • Natalie: Hanson - 63 times.
  • Corey: Saw Type O Negative 13 times. I think it's a fitting number considering the band and the number 13.
  • Tom: Candlebox about 8 times.

You can check out what people are saying on Instagram, and even chime in here:

Have You Seen The Same Artist During The Same Tour Multiple Times?

I'll admit, i'm not one to turn down a concert, so my roster of shows on a yearly basis is usually full of variety, a bunch of different artists from very different genres at various venues, but this past year, i've really been hooked on seeing shows multiple times during the same tour.  I took my daughter to see AJR last September in Albany and the show was so good that I ended up going with friends again a few days later (sans kids, score).  We then went to see AJR again on the second leg of their US tour in May (the show was 99.999% identical to the ones in September), and I got so hooked that I actually flew to Vegas to see the show for a fourth time.

crowd of people at concert or show, abstract blur

Looking back, I think the only other artists i've ever seen multiple times on the same tour leg has been, gulp, '90's boybands....yes, think Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, New Kids on the Block - what can I say, I was a teen girl in the '90's. Outside of that, i've been fortunate enough to see the Beach Boys, minimally, a dozen times throughout my life

Should we get controversial and ask if you've ever gone to see a band live and decided that you never wanted to see that artist again?  Comment below if you dare to share.

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