Random deliveries of seeds apparently from China have sparked the curiosity of a number of New Yorkers. New information from Cornell University states local officials are currently analyzing samples from these shipments. Initially, there were concerns they were that of an invasive species.

This still may be the case as studies are continuing but officials are starting to think it could actually be a scam. A 'brushing scam' is when people receive unsolicited items from a seller who then posts false reviews of a product to boost sales.

According to NYS State Commissioner of Agriculture, 'similar packages have been received in other states and the USDA is investigating. People who receive the seeds should not plant or handle the seeds'.

Anyone who happened to receive such a package which is often marked 'jewelry', they should mail the seeds and original packaging to the Office of the State Plant Health Director of New York c/o Christopher Zaloga, 500 New Kramer Rd, Albany, NY 12205.

It's the job of the USDA and the NYS Department of Agriculture to prevent the unlawful entry of seeds, which are sometimes invasive species, and other pests that can overwhelm an environment.

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