So you are heading to Costco (the ones closest to the Hudson Valley are in Paramus NJ and Danbury CT) and you have loaded up your cart and checked out, but have to make one last stop at the food court. When you are at the food court you will notice the absence of one of the long standing customer favorites, the polish sausage.

You drove all that way, did all that shopping and you can't have the one thing you were really looking forward to? Costco will be removing the polish sausage from their food courts and making room for veggie burgers and more plant based options. Good news, the all-beef hot dog will still be an option as is the giant vat of soda.

Do you belong to a wholesale club? Which is your favorite? Costco, Sams Club or BJ's? Which do you feel gives you the most value for the money?

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