Sure, everyone's favorite 60s ad executive is suave, clever, and rich. But would it be enough to maintain his famous apartment by today's standards?

Real estate website Trulia and the Thrillist shared this interesting bit of info about the likelihood that an advertising creative director could afford such a swanky abode:

  • As Creative Director and Junior Partner it is estimated that he made around $45,000 per year in the 1960s
  • In 2015, he would have a buying power of about $355,297
  • In the '60s, median home values in NYC were $75,000, which is quite a bit if Draper was making $45,000 per year
  • Today, creative directors in NYC make an average of $154,838 or more a year
  • In 2015, places in the Draper's apartment are going for $16.5 million

To quote New York icon Phil Rizzuto: Holy cow! $16.5 million for an apartment. Even if he could afford it, there's no way that Don Draper is blowing all of that money on a place to live; it leaves very little leftover for the Canadian Club whisky budget.